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Eric Michael Collins has a track record of helping entrepreneurs realize their vision: Eric  helps companies streamline, strengthen and succeed.


Eric Michael Collins at California Financial Times Photo ShootEric is as passionate for business as he is for life. He’s an entrepreneur, inventor, an angel investor, and educator. In the course of his career — and he’s only in his 30s — Eric Michael Collins has owned, partnered with and established joint ventures with dozens of successful businesses in a variety of fields. He knows the ins and outs, the ups and downs, the backwards and forwards of building businesses. Eric’s life and professional career have been a spectrum of triumphant pleasures (as well as hellish agonies). Eric is fervent about using his experience to assist entrepreneurs to build success while eliminating the risk factors that all-too-often produce failure. His devotion to the process led Eric to create Compounding Success. Eric Michael Collins provides entrepreneurs, sales people and corporate executives with practical expert advice to measurably increase profits, revenue and free time while decreasing expenses and eliminating risk.

Eric’s Early Years

Eric’s spent his life doing what others often consider impossible. Even at an early age, Eric’s entrepreneurial nature bloomed. When he was 18, Eric consulted with Genmar’s Wellcraft Boats. A year later, Eric was a Fortune 100 marketing and technology consultant trusted with billion-dollar brands such as Chef Boyardee, Pam Cooking Spray and Hunt’s. At 24, Eric owned and operated an investment group that worked with hundreds of investors acquiring thousands of real estate properties and was trusted with funding in excess of $200 million. Eric has continued to raise millions of dollars for start-up businesses, and he continues to work with companies to make sure they can realize their potential.

Current Companies and Products

Entrepreneurship is a passion for Eric Michael Collins. He is the Inventor and Co-Founder of Fast Attract, the world’s first action platform is a web application that allows people to share their experiential wisdom and create paths of success. Over the past few years Eric has been leading The Extraction Team running overseas high risk operations in Africa, Middle East, Eastern Europe and Asia. Eric’s book Compounding Success comes out in 2013. The processes of Compounding Success are what have led to the invention of Fast Attract, Offering Platform, Video Business Plan and Blog Post Factory.

Self-education and mentoring have been the backbone of success for Eric Michael Collins. He has digested hundreds of books, CD’s and DVD’s and has spent thousands of hours at seminars and in personal coaching. He’s a student of psychology, personal development and influence techniques. On top of that, he’s also an approachable and levelheaded guy.

Eric’s Interests and Hobbies

When he’s not immersed in creating wealth for others and optimizing business opportunities, Eric Michael Collins loves to driving Indy cars, skydiving, traveling, sharpshooting, boating, snowboarding, fishing, poker, reading, collecting art, viewing movies, practicing martial arts, making pottery and swimming. He’s a fan of fine wristwatches. His favorite places include Miami, Newport Beach, Hong Kong, Paris, Las Vegas and Sydney.

Eric Michael Collins sometimes calls himself a self-made man. The reality is, however, that without the love and support of his family, friends, and colleagues he would not have been who he’s become, through dark times and light.

He’s someone who’s made it by being aware of opportunities, by being forthright and open and honest — and by looking for those qualities in the people with whom he works. Contact Eric to learn more.

Eric Michael Collins
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