This is my personal blog and I write about discoveries and events that I am passionate about. I am a capitalist at heart.
Frankly, I won’t apologize nor should anyone else for making a buck or two by sharing the wisdom that they spent their blood, sweat and tears to acquire.

The FTC require bloggers to disclose every little detail as to not lead viewers into an unspoken bias. Again, you should know that I am entirely biased about everything on this site. Check my work pages for companies I lead, products I’ve invented or companies I advise.

To prevent an endless stream of disclosures on every post, let’s assume for the sake of time that all of the below instances effect every post on this site.

Please feel free to use the text and images on this page with proper attribution. There is no reason why each blogger should have to reinvent the wheel.

(Illustrations courtesy of Louis Gray and Jeannine Schafer)

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